Learn Fast , Easy and Fun Low Content Book Creation with Rebecca Holman

I personally have over 4,000 books on Amazon, I began in 2013. I have taught THOUSANDS of students these methods since 2018. I do this myself every day of the week.

Come Join The Fun. See Why People Are Flocking To Create Low Content Books.

Creating Quality Low Content Books That Sell!

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Low Content Book Creation  (aka Journals, Planners and Notebooks) on Amazon is HOT right NOW!
My Book Creation Processes using PowerPoint makes it EASY for people to create these books FAST and pain free. 

This is an EASY and FUN passive income strategy to implement.

Below are courses and templates showing lots of Tips and Techniques to help your Journal journey.
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My Easy 4 Step Process For Low Content Book Creation

Download my simple 4 steps to get started on YOUR Journal Creation Journey.

Low Content Book Quick Start

Get started on the right foot with a quick and easy way to create Low Content Books.

Etsy Store Strategy For Low Content Book Authors

Strategies I use to repurpose my KDP books onto Etsy. 

Profiting from Printables Boot Camp - Dec 2020 Edition (WPG Bonus)

5 Day Workshop to get you started on this great and profitable Print On Demand Niche.

Mastering Low Content Books on KDP (formerly Journal Tsunami)

Activity Books for Low Content Book Authors - 4 Courses In 1


I purchased Your Course early in May and had my first few books up by the end of the month. I had a huge learning curve as had only basic computer skills. But I am So loving this journey! Sales growing October $520 , Nov $945, Dec so far $2,500!! So Thrilling. I have never created anything before for sale!! I have finally got the skills figured now.. I LOVE KDP!! Rebecca I Bless the day I found You. You deserve Great rewards. Merry Christmas to All of You From Ireland 
A M McArdle